Guide for using Court Introduction

The experience Brottsoffermyndigheten and others who come into contact with victims is that many who are called to court are nervous and worried before the trial. The victims who in advance had good information on how a trial is to feel generally safer and quieter. A safe plaintiff submits a safer story which contributes to greater legal certainty.
Trial Schools on the Web is primarily addressed to the victim called to the trial in those proceedings, but also witnesses, defendants and their relatives may have been using the product. It can also be used by schoolchildren and others who want to learn more about the lawsuit.
Wizard you can find links to below, is designed for non-profit organizations, public authorities in the judiciary, lawyers, social services, health care, schools and others who encounter and wish to give victims and witnesses a concentrated, informative and realistic picture of how a Swedish court yesterday to. It can also be used for the training of staff and club members about the lawsuit so that they in turn will be able to inform the victims who are called to trial.

Guide for using Court Introduction - PDF-format